Statistics 24

Statistics 24 provides unique reporting functionality to show what your users have been doing and for how long. For education leaders driving forward with online education it provides an audit for quality monitoring and funding purposes, and for business it enables colleagues and leaders to demonstrate value and control in how Google Apps for Work has been used.

Case Study – Leeds City College

As education increasingly adopts cloud based technologies to enable independent learning and flipped classroom approaches it has been a big challenge to provide evidence of impact and usage creating a barrier to wider adoption.

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Up to now the only reason not to use Google Apps for Education to deliver online learning was it’s lack of reporting functionality. Statistics 24 solves that in one easy click, providing quality managers, auditors and those responsible for funding with a clear audit trail of what users have been doing in Google Classroom and also for how long. This matters because independent online learning time can now be quantified. For teachers it provides unprecedented insight into what learners have been working on and for how long, no matter where they are or what kit they are using.


If your organisation charges customers for your time, or you just need to keep track of who has been working on documents and for how long, Statistics 24 is the solution.

What is it?

Statistics 24 works exclusively with Chrome and G Suite. The FREE plugin can be installed on Chromebooks and the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac. By installing the tiny plugin/extension on all of the machines in your organisation you can ensure that all work is automatically tracked. You can even install it on Chromebooks and PC’s at home for distance or remote workers, for example. In order to access the reports and data there is a nominal license fee for your organisation.

The plugin provides an instant way for users to check how much time has been spent using Google Apps over the past 7 days, and what times of day they were used by simply clicking the little icon in the corner of their browser. They can also use the full reporting site to see in-depth information over much longer periods, graphs and even export data to create their own reports if desired in spreadsheet applications. The same goes for anyone set up as an ‘Organisation Reporter’, but they can also access the reports for anyone and anything within their organisation – not just their own data.

Organisation licensing for Statistics 24 and free trials are available.


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