Better Cloud

We put IT in control of the modern workplace through user lifecycle management, data discovery, and IT and security automation.
BetterCloud is the first unified SaaS management platform, empowering organizations to securely adopt and manage best-in-breed SaaS applications. Every day, thousands of customers rely on BetterCloud to centralize SaaS management, automate workflows and compliance policies, and surface relevant insights across SaaS applications.

BetterCloud’s solutions include:

Merge a user’s disparate SaaS accounts into a consolidated user profile, creating a comprehensive view of a user’s apps, permissions, groups, files, and more.

Centralize the controls and functions available in disparate admin consoles into a single point of control and deploy customized roles not available natively in SaaS admin consoles.

Audit users, apps, usage patterns, and files across applications to quickly identify and remediate security issues.

Understand what’s happening in your SaaS environment and stay ahead of security threats with customizable, granular alerting purpose-built for IT.

  • Trigger automatic, cross-app user lifecycle updates from BetterCloud, SSO, or the Google Admin Console
  • Choose from 100+ actions to build automated workflows that match your current processes
  • Pause, skip, or take action at a later date based on specified events or automation results
  • Ensure workflows are complete every time with audit reports and status updates

Root Access to Data

Many applications offer integrations, but BetterCloud connects directly with every entity in your SaaS applications, giving you root access to users, files, permissions, and configurations.

Built for IT

BetterCloud empowers you to take the right actions at the right times. With full access to nearly every setting available in admin consoles as well as an automation engine purpose-built for IT, the possibilities are endless.

Real-Time Event Updates

Whether there are new users appearing in your directory who need to be provisioned or a suspicious number of files downloaded, our platform picks up these events in 2 minutes or less and notifies you of the incident.

Completely Secure Environment

BetterCloud is a completely secure platform and has a continued commitment to data security and privacy. We undergo SOC II, TRUSTe, and Privacy Shield Framework examinations annually.

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Better Cloud